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people go “lol sj” because the majority of social justice on this blogging platform -is- an actual joke. you’ve got people pretending to be anime or disney characters trying to talk about social justice, you’ve got 12 year olds self-diagnosing themselves with shit that sound like harry potter spells. social justice is a legitimate issue and there are maybe about 5-7 people who can properly and accurately convey it’s message on this website.


mainstream tumblr feminism may have many glaring faults but it has bred an army of teenage girls who understand the common ways that misogyny is reinforced in society and who know that they’re better off loving their fellow woman than fighting with her and that’s actually pretty damn revolutionary

The notion that Playboy turns women into sex objects is ridiculous. Women are sex objects.

Hugh Hefner to the New York Daily News, 2010. what a piece of trash (via lameborghini)

For all the libfems commenting on that post about how enlightened Hugh Hefner is.

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Anyone who says that Hugh Hefner— or any pornographer, pimp or some convenient “happy hooker” spokeswoman/puppet— is “enlightened” needs to be shoved into a wood-chipper. 

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Anonymous asked: Oh wow!!! SO nice to see you've basically become an anti-social justice blog. That's SO astute of you. SO mature. SO adult and considerate. What an ELEVATED sense of humour you have. What an AMAZING useful productive way to spend your time.

Sorry, dude, it’s not a joke. I just see this stuff and I’m like, how can I not agree?

Wall of text below, sorry:

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Some more reasons why I won’t join any sort of social justice movement.


Tumblr is the place losers can come to be the bullies they’ve always wanted to be

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It never has.

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What is love?

Apparently only for white people.

Dude, you do realize this ad is Italian right? Those people are Italian, because it’s an Italian ad. Italian people are typically white. This ad is suppose to be about acceptance in THEIR country, why would they have models that don’t look like they’re from their country?

I’m gettin’ real tired of tumblr’s attitude. I’m probably going to get a lot of hate for this, but here we go.

Not everywhere is as mixed as North America. You go to places like Japan and it would be really weird to see a white person in their ad, it’s no different for places like Italy and Germany where people are mostly white. In North American we seem to have a decently even mix in a lot of areas so it’s a little off-putting when there’s only a certain race -generally all white people- depicted, where it’s completely normal and would appear really strange otherwise for other countries. Like you wouldn’t go to China and demand they show white people in their ads there, so why would you do the same for a country that has very few PoC compared to it’s population?

As the person above me said, why would they have models that don’t look like they’re from their country in their ads?

Seriously, I am Italian, and FUCK YOU. Our country has huge problems with homophobia, there isn’t even one single law to protect homosexuals. Most European countries have legalized marriage and adoption (or at least talked about it), but not Italy. The Catholic community does everything they can to block the law against homophobia. Last month, a 14 year-old killed himself because he was gay. You have no idea how much that kind of thing matters in Italy, all you can fucking do is whine about Tumblr about the fact that they are all white. Yes, in Italy the majority of the population is indeed white. Not the rest of the world is like fucking North America. So before you come whining about it on Tumblr, get your facts right.

I love it when reality slaps the fuck out of Tumblr.

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you know how you say words so many times and they lose their meaning? that’s how I feel about the words “trauma” and “trigger” right now.

Putting this on the reg blog because it’s useful info

The last fucking quote is probably the main reason I reblogged this.

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